Newstrack: Is Snapchat News of the Future?


It appears has not caught up with the times of snapchat, although it can connect readers to the website’s Twitter and Facebook. The goal of the website is simple — keep readers updated with the latest Boston news. does not have its own snapchat, but it has plenty of articles showing the consequences that take place when people misuse it.

For example, a few weeks ago posted an article about a teen appearing in juvenile court because he admitted to sharing a sexual assault on snapchat.

However, the website also has posted articles showing how snapchat has helped combat crime.

I guess the moral of the story is that Snapchat comes with great responsibility.

I believe Snapchat can be used as a great news tool. I feel that it is the quickest way to share news. Snapchat is all about being on-the-spot action and is perfect for today’s hunger for news that informs us as quickly as possible. However, if it’s just about snapping videos from a phone, couldn’t anyone be a reporter?


Author: alexisyortiz

Hello! I am a 22-year-old Boston University alumna from Sacramento, CA. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in journalism in 2017. I plan on attending law school in the future, but I want to find a way to also incorporate journalism in my career. I have seen the side of law through working at a law office for more than four years and participating in mock trial competitions. After one of the competitions, I received a top attorney award for my city’s region. Now I am ready to experience the side of journalism. I am ready to devote my skills and work ethic to it. I am ready to be the eyes, ears, and voice of the people. ~ singer/songwriter, Tough Mudder competitor, runner~

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