Final Thoughts:

All in all, I think did an adequate job at doing its proclaimed job: keeping Bostonians informed.  But that’s the problem: it’s adequate (click here to see my blog post on my initial thoughts of the website).


A few things:

  • It’s apparent that there is a distinct difference between the amount of professionalism that goes into the online and it’s n
    IMG_1163ewspaper sister, The Boston Globe. Sure, The Boston Globe isn’t filled with interactive polls or flashy videos either, but what the Globe lacks in multimedia, it makes up for
    with craftsmanship writing and reputation. I think the website is definitely taking a backseat, and the focus is more on The Boston Globe, which is probably why is not as up to par as it should be. 
  • After attending a talk given by Charles Sennott (@CMSennott) last week, the message was made clear that does not have a very good reputation among news outlets, at least in the Boston are. He almost smirked when he heaIMG_1165.PNGrd the name. 
  • Pros: easy to navigate, straightforward, basic organization
  • Cons: boring, outdated-looking, no breaking news section, lacks multimedia
  • The site’s format does not look like it has been updated at all, and it does not seem like it will be updated any time soon.
  • They do provide the most popular news articles, so you can technically see what’s trending among readers.

All in all, I would like to see the website updated. It definitely looks like it needs to be. I want to explore by seeing how many BU students actually use it. Do the younger generations gravitate to it at all? If the younger generations don’t, is it a sign that changes need to be made? I will most likely keep visiting this site because I live in Boston and the site keeps me informed. And for me, that’s all I need.




Author: alexisyortiz

Hello! I am a 22-year-old Boston University alumna from Sacramento, CA. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in journalism in 2017. I plan on attending law school in the future, but I want to find a way to also incorporate journalism in my career. I have seen the side of law through working at a law office for more than four years and participating in mock trial competitions. After one of the competitions, I received a top attorney award for my city’s region. Now I am ready to experience the side of journalism. I am ready to devote my skills and work ethic to it. I am ready to be the eyes, ears, and voice of the people. ~ singer/songwriter, Tough Mudder competitor, runner~

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